Meals on Wheels Victoria is the peak state body, representing the community of grassroots services across Victoria dedicated to the wellbeing, connection and independence of our most vulnerable.

As the peak state body, we work closely with Meals on Wheels Australia advocating on behalf of the sector about the issues that truly matter and helping leverage the power of our collective voices to the Federal Government and other key policy and decision-makers.

Being a member service also allows you access to valuable resources and benefits from Meals on Wheels relentless advocacy efforts. The CHSP meal subsidy increase in 2017; the Covid-19 support funds; the recently announced 2021 CHSP meal subsidy increase (50% in Victoria alone), were all as a direct result of this advocacy. It’s highly probable that these funding uplifts would not have occurred without Meals on Wheels Victoria (and other member States) advocating with Meals on Wheels Australia

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